What are the fun underwear worn outside

What are the fun underwear worn outside

As a equipment that adds fun, sexy underwear, unique styles and bold designs have always been favored by couples.However, for those who are unwilling to expose their personal habits in public, in some special occasions (such as bars, KTV, etc.), wearing erotic underwear outside can often meet their needs.So, what are the sexy underwear that can be worn outside?This article will be for you one by one.

1. Drain

Dragine sexy underwear is the highlight of sexy underwear, and it is a representative of sexy underwear that can be worn outside.In most cases, the bras of the bray underwear will be designed as a "half -cup" style. Its biggest feature is that it just blocks the key parts. The design of the strap or front ring is also in line with ergonomics and is suitable for external wear.For more unique bras and sexy underwear, designers may sublimate again on their basis, such as chest rings, chest stickers, and so on.

2. suspenders

The suspender -category is named after the name of its "suspender".Most of the suspenders’ sexy underwear uses the fabric with strong texture, and it will be thinner on the fabric.If it is paired with a more transparent shirt or skirt, the sexy effect will continue to endless endless.

3. Bid breasts

Bid -breasted sexy underwear is a sexy underwear that can adjust the figure, thick fabrics and multiple slim designs, which can make the body lines more beautiful.For some grid -like beam -like underwear, its sling will be regarded by many girls as a veritable external wear underwear. The intensive mesh material can outline the beautiful carcass lines and bring sexy effects.

4. Lace vest

Lace vests sexy underwear is full of women’s elements in terms of color and style.The material used in lace vest sexy underwear will be more pure and breathable. Whether it is in hot summer or cold winter, you can convey your unique sexy sexy.It can be glamorous with a thin coat or a pair of pants.

5. Pantan pantyhose

Pantanic socks are not only sexy underwear, but also can also become an independent external wear underwear.Often, in some Western countries, people like to wear pantyhose, which can effectively show their curves.Of course, if you are a novice, try to choose the overall ultra -short skirt.


Net -eyed top sexy underwear, whether it is a home or out at home, is a very practical sexy underwear.If it is paired with a relatively transparent jacket or other tops, it is very surprising. With a slightly transparent sexy veil as the medium, it presents all gentle and romantic sexy.

7. Stockings

Stockings sexy underwear free color and various styles can be matched infinitely.Stockings are full of meat and look even more desire.If you can’t wear inside and outside at the same time, it is also a good choice to use stockings sexy underwear to replace.

8. close -fitting tights

The tights of close -fitting, like the name, fully fit the skin.The design of its body tight beam can effectively show the body curve and give people a visual feeling.As long as you match some short skirts or a transparent jacket, the sexy sexy can be fully manifested.

In general, sexy underwear, as a variety of equipment, continues to meet people’s needs under the new design with the times.Because of its diversity, people have gained some special fun in this tight life.

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