What are the sexy linger shops


Interest underwear has changed from a mysterious item to an open fashion product.Whether it is a couple’s purchase or single purchase, sexy underwear has become an important message.This article introduces you what you will see in the sex lingerie store.

Sexy Lingerie

Sexy underwear is a type of sexy underwear, usually including a set of sexy stockings, sexy bra and high heels.This type of underwear is usually made of thin materials. These materials allow wearers to see the skin and underwear through the fabric to be more sexy.When the wearer wraps his body in this sexy underwear, he can show his charming figure and wonderful charm.

Adult toy

Interest underwear shops not only have underwear, but also various types of adult toys.These toys include handcuffs, candles, goals, collars, ropes, and other small props.These small props are usually used to enhance emotional and sexual experience, so that couples can better enjoy sex.

Interesting role -playing clothing

Interesting role -playing is a common experience in modern couples.Couples put on different costumes and interpret different roles.This concept of sex is very open and modern, and let people try different experiences from daily life.Interest underwear stores usually provide a variety of sexy role -playing clothing, including student uniforms, doctors and nurse clothing, maids and housekeeper clothing, and other types.

Bold off -the shoulder underwear

Bold off -the -shoulder underwear is very popular for the sexy underwear designed by women’s body shape.These underwear are usually exposed shoulders and chests, which are made of thin fabrics.This style of underwear is very suitable for dinner or other occasions, fashionable, avant -garde and sexy.

Tanli breasts

Tan breasts are a variant of sexy underwear.This underwear does not have a breast cup, so it is completely exposed to the female chest, but it usually holds the breasts to avoid glowing from some small lines.This underwear looks very sexy and seductive, but it requires the wearer to have enough confidence and courage.

Marshmallow underwear

Marshmallow underwear is a relatively gentle sexy underwear, which is usually made of soft materials, similar to the taste of marshmallow.Marshmallow underwear is a very good choice for people who are more sensitive to the skin. It can be very soft to the surface of the skin and not irritate the skin.

Lace underwear

< p>Lace underwear is a very important part of sexy underwear.They are mainly characterized by lotus decorations and small wings, and they are usually made of transparent thin materials like sexy underwear.Lace underwear can be very attractive and sexy in the sexy night of couples.

Bondage appliance

The restraint appliance is a kind of sexy underwear. The main purpose is to limit the body movement of the wearer.This type of underwear usually includes handcuffs, suspenders, sealing films, hoods, aes and other small props.These small props are designed to have the purpose of enabling couples to better control their own body, thereby enhancing their sexual experience.

Luminous underwear

Some erotic underwear shops also have light emitting underwear, which can spontaneously glow in dark light.This underwear is very suitable for wearing when visiting the night market. It is very attractive and unforgettable.


Interest underwear is not only a fashionable product, but also a product that can improve your life.Wearing sexy underwear can allow you to better enjoy your sexual experience, enhance emotional trust and make your life more fulfilling and active.

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