What else do I need to prepare in sexy underwear

What else do I need to prepare in sexy underwear

The design of sexy underwear is unique, diverse, sexy and elegant, and is gradually favored by more and more women.However, wearing sexy underwear is not a simple thing. In addition to choosing a style that suits you, you also need to prepare some necessary items. Here are the attention points and necessary items for wearing sexy underwear.

1. The skin is tender

Before wearing sex underwear, make sure the skin’s skin is fully cleaned, especially in important parts.In addition, massage lubricants are needed to prevent wear and discomfort.This can not only make wearing more comfortable, but also make the skin softer and elastic, and enhance self -confidence.

Second, exquisite beauty

Before wearing a sexy underwear, you need to do careful beauty work, including facial care, body care, and feet modification.Especially for facial care, you can choose a cream with a moisturizing effect to fill the skin full of moisture, showing a more beautiful side.

Third, fine selection fun underwear style

It is important to choose a sexy lingerie style that suits them. Each person’s body shape is different. Different erotic lingerie styles also have different effects.Green can represent hope and vitality, red represents enthusiasm and sexy, and purple represents mystery and noble, and different colors have different uses and effects.

4. Choose the right size

The size is the basis of wearing underwear. You cannot choose too big or too small, otherwise it will cause uncomfortable and unsightly wearing.It is critical to choose the right size. You can measure the data according to your body, and then choose the SIZE that suits you.

Five, matching accessories

Interest underwear can be paired with various accessories, such as gloves, types, shawls, tickets, etc. These can enhance sexy and charm, and more highlight personality and style.Choosing accessories that suits you can make the whole dress more perfect and exquisite.

Six, psychological preparation

Wearing erotic underwear is not only appearance, but also inner temperament and confidence.Psychological preparation is necessary. You can improve your self -confidence and temperament by reading books, watching movies, and listening to music, making people more charming and moving.

Seven, cooperate with the scene

Choosing a scene is a very important thing.If you are surprised to wear a sexy underwear at home, you can create a romantic atmosphere, such as flashing lights, bass bombs music, etc.If you go out, you can choose a simple, exquisite and refreshing dress, which makes people less conspicuous, but there is no lack of grace.

8. Choose the right shoes

Shoes and wearing are closely related, you can choose the right shoes to improve your self -confidence and temperament.You can choose high heels, thick heels, flat shoes, etc., and choose different shoes according to different occasions and situations to make the whole dress more perfect.

Nine, control the height of crystal or high heels

If you choose crystal shoes or high heels, you need to master the height to avoid too high or too low.Excessive high will affect the balance of walking, and too low will lose the role of modifying the leg shape.

Ten, in short

Wearing a sexy underwear requires your own ideas and imagination, it is not enough to simply follow the opinions of others.In this process, we must not only pay attention to the texture and materials of clothing and clothing, but also pay attention to psychological health and emotional communication. With their own efforts and self -confidence, they can reach a higher level of sexy and beautiful.

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